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Composite Dental Fillings

Composite Dental Fillings

Composite Dental Fillings in West Jordan, UT

Tooth decay can escalate into severe dental issues like cavities, pain, and potential infections if neglected. At our clinic, Dr. James L. Johnson specializes in composite dental fillings in West Jordan, Utah, ensuring timely and effective treatment of tooth decay. For expert dental care, reach out to our team at 801-255-7800.


Why Choose Tooth-Colored Fillings in West Jordan?

At The Dentist — Dr. James Johnson, we emphasize both your oral health and aesthetic appeal. This is why we recommend tooth-colored fillings or composite fillings for restoring and repairing teeth. The advantages of these composite resin fillings in West Jordan over traditional amalgam fillings include:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: They blend seamlessly with your natural tooth shade, ensuring a visually pleasing outcome.
  • Bonding Support: The composite material bonds firmly to your tooth, minimizing the chances of future fractures.
  • Temperature Insulation: Experience reduced sensitivity with composite fillings that insulate against temperature fluctuations from food and drinks.
  • Enhanced Sealing: These fillings offer superior seals around the decayed area, reducing the risk of further decay and leakage.
  • Versatility: Suitable for repairing cavities of all sizes, even those too minute for amalgam fillings.
  • Conservative Approach: The treatment retains more of your natural tooth, and any necessary repairs can be done without removing the existing filling.
  • Safety: Being mercury-free, composite fillings ensure a healthier treatment option without metals.
  • Promote Long-Term Oral Health: Addressing decay with composite fillings supports overall oral health longevity.

The Composite Filling Procedure:

Dr. Johnson will meticulously choose a composite shade that mirrors your natural tooth during your visit. After cleaning the affected tooth and excising decayed tissue, the filling is expertly applied. The filling is then cured and polished, wrapping up the procedure in a single visit.


Book Your Composite Filling Consultation:

For inquiries about composite dental fillings in West Jordan, Utah or to set an appointment with Dr. Johnson, reach out to us. Prioritizing your oral health, we’re committed to delivering top-tier dental services. Dial 801-255-7800 to embark on your dental journey.

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