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Dental Cleanings & Exams

Comprehensive Dental Cleanings & Exams in West Jordan, Utah

Dental Cleanings & Exams​

Your smile’s well-being is at the core of our dental practice. Experience exceptional dental cleanings and exams at THE DENTIST, situated in West Jordan, Utah. Regular checkups with our skilled dentist, Dr. James L. Johnson, are pivotal in ensuring a lifetime of good oral health. To schedule your routine visit, call 801-255-7800 and speak with one of our friendly team members.

Promoting a Healthy Smile:

As an essential part of your oral health routine, we highly recommend regular dental cleanings and exams at our office. Our dedicated team takes pride in delivering thorough and professional services to keep your smile vibrant and healthy.

The Benefits of Dental Cleanings:

During a dental cleaning, our experienced hygienists adeptly remove plaque and tartar (dental calculus) from the surfaces of your teeth. Additionally, we perform flossing and polishing to promote a healthier, more radiant smile. These cleanings play a significant role in preventing future tooth decay and harmful periodontal diseases.

Comprehensive Checkups:

During your checkup, we provide a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Dental flossing
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Removal of tooth stains or discolorations
  • Screening for tooth decay or gum disease
  • X-rays to assess overall oral health

Advanced Digital X-rays:

To aid us in detecting hidden oral health issues, we may employ digital X-rays. These advanced imaging techniques provide us with a closer look at your teeth, facilitating early detection and appropriate treatment planning.

Ensuring Long-term Oral Health:

Our dental cleanings and exams are instrumental in safeguarding the overall health of your smile. We encourage our patients to schedule appointments every six months to minimize the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Your Journey to Excellent Oral Health Begins Here:

Contact us today to schedule your appointment and embark on a journey toward exceptional oral health. At THE DENTIST, we are committed to nurturing your smile’s brilliance and longevity. Call 801-255-7800 to book your visit with us!

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